Excellent service and a fair price.  Nick (owner) was professional and friendly and got the job done quickly.  There was a minor issue in that the receptacle where the technician connects the computer analyzer was pushed up out of view on my car.  I had initially gone to a test center that was closer to my house, but the technician claimed he was unable to perform the test because of this issue.  He told me that I would have to first remove a panel under the dash.  This made no sense, as it was clearly a factory panel.  Nick was able to locate the receptacle and pull it back into place.  I highly recommend this place.
Jason F., Los Angeles, CA


Nick was friendly and efficient when testing my ’03 Element for renewal.  No issues, but I expect he would have helped me deal with any should they have arisen.  I plan to go back when the need arises in the future.
Benjamin P., Alhambra, CA


GREAT PLACE TO GET YOUR SMOG..Fair price and exceptional service. Nick was very nice and helpful. This place is no.1 on my list. I highly recommend this place. I dont write very much reviews unless its really bad or,in this case, REALLY GOOD!!!! Thank You Nick!!!!!!
Charo, Arleta, CA

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