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  • Smog while you wait
  • No Appointments
  • No Hassles
  • Nothing to sell
  • Only Smog Test
  • California State Licensed Smog Station
  • 2000 model year and newer vehicles under 14,000 pounds will be subject to Bar-ois test available per Bureau of Automotive Repair emissions testing guidelines
  • We Do All Smog Tests Including Diesel
  • Star Smog Test and Repairs.
  • Out of State smog check
  • Gross Polluter smog check
  • Change of Ownership smog check
  • Star Test Only Smog Check
  • We do Smog checks on most vehicles


What is a Test Only Center? What’s the Difference?

What is the difference with a regular smog station and a test only station? You received your renewal notice and discovered it’s asking for a smog inspection at a Smog Test Only Center. No need to panic. All this means is that the DMV has chosen your car to be inspected at a special Test Only smog station. A Smog Test Only center, as the name suggests, can only smog test vehicles and is not allowed to perform automotive repairs. A test only smog check center has an obligation to insure a non-biased smog test inspection. They can not perform repairs.

The State of California uses the following three strategies to determine whether a vehicle is Test Only Center designated or not:

  • Gross polluters (vehicles which have failed a previous smog inspection with very high emission readings)
  • High Emitter Profile vehicles. These are vehicle types designated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair as having high chances of failing the smog inspection.
  • A random sample of all vehicles registered in California and being driven on public roadways.

If your vehicle has been selected to undergo a Test Only smog check don’t be alarmed. Simply locate a convenient smog test only center and proceed with the inspection. The smog technician conducting the test can inform you of any serious issues.

Important Note: If your vehicle fails at a Test Only Smog Check center, you will need to seek repairs at a Test and Repair station. The Test and Repair smog station will need to conduct a new smog test – called a Baseline Test, and may charge you a smog inspection fee as part of their diagnosis and/or repairs.

Also note that a smog test only station is not allowed to perform or comment on any diagnosis or possible required repairs. Per California State law their primary obligation is to conduct a fair and unbiased smog test.

All and any repairs must be performed by a licensed smog check repair station, or the vehicle’s owner personally.

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