Clean Air Car Care Tips

The California Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Automotive Repair (DCA/BAR) recommends that you refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for information on how often to service your car. We hope you’ll consider the following tips that will help save gas, keep California’s air clean and help your car pass its Smog Check:

#1. Change engine oil and air, oil and fuel filters at manufacturer’s suggested intervals.

#2. Perform all other service and maintenance at manufacturer’s suggested intervals.

#3. Check tire pressure frequently.

#4. Check tire condition for abnormal wear patterns.

#5. Inspect hoses, wiring and belts regularly.

#6. Service engine promptly when warning lights appear.

#7. Do not modify your vehicle’s emission control system.

Consider a Pre-Inspection Test

If you’re not sure whether your vehicle will pass its Smog Check, you can ask a licensed Smog Check technician for information about a pre-inspection test. A pre-inspection helps diagnose any potential emissions-related problems, giving you a chance to make necessary repairs before your vehicle undergoes an official Smog Check inspection.

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) is available at participating Gold Shield stations for motorists who need financial assistance making repairs (up to $500) to their vehicle when it fails its biennial Smog Check. Click here to learn more about the Consumer Assistance Program and obtain an application.

California Department of Consumer Affairs Hotline 800-952-5210

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