About Us


We are an ASE and STAR Certified Smog Test and Repair Station. We perform Smog Checks, including Test Only, smog check related failures, repairs and diagnosis. We do not sell unnecessary smog related repairs like regular smog check stations try to do! We tell it like it is and we do not perform any illegal smog checks!


Established in 2000

We have been in the emission testing field since 1987!

Meet the Business Owner: Nick S.

I have been in the automotive service field since 1987!
I attended NVOC and completed 1,200 hours of training .
Upon graduation,I became a California certified smog tech.
My passion for serving my customers” smog check needs honestly combined with my unparalleled passion for cars helps my business stand out in this highly competitive field.


ASE CertifiedStar Certified




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